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Allows customers to enter, view and track your orders, shipments and invoices, using the Internet from anywhere in the world and without regard to time zones, you only need the Web server is running.

All you need is a browser to connect to the Web server, using an address and password, the customer can follow the information for him, and never on original files; constituted as a secure platform.

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Likewise it is a tool that has proven of great interest to the team representatives, who can see the necessary information for a particular customer, to help in the preparation and introduction of the order. Designed to meet the sales network, can bring in your laptop all the information campaign (samples, customers etc.) and manage sales as they occur using the internet, or at the end of day from the hotel . It consists of order entry, account management, etc ... There is the option to link it with PDA, through COPERNICO software, CETEMMSA.