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Our mission is to meet the needs of growing companies, providing our customers with services and products of high quality.



How to face the fashion industry ?

Why is it important to have a solution of this type in the company? - In the big and growing market, many small and medium enterprises are fashion companies.

To be specialists and provide customers with the information and processes that require fashion companies, partnerships with market organizations we add more value to offer specific and tangible benefits to the industry.

What makes SAP + AFS for small and medium businesses?

It supports them in critical business processes such as design, production, control of maquilas, an issue that makes the information flow within the business and make better decisions with everyone involved and with the same source.
What specific problems has the SAP + AFS solution targeted than other solutions related to it?
It is an intuitive solution comprising everything required sector companies, has many tools that support the design part is generally not integrated into the process and this department is the tone for the entire business.
Do you have any direct benefit business results for your company, with sales of the solution?
SAP AFS solution has helped us position ourselves better in the industry, to create a vertical market and specific efforts to generate industry, companies have experience in Fashion and the solution allows us to provide greater benefits for growth.
Why is it so important to support SAP on a global stage?
Because it is integrated supports employers to have a common language of information, and this is real-time, and you can see the business holistically and not by distant areas.
What do they get acquired companies and SAP AFS solution? Increased financial performance?, Greater control over the supply chain budget, PLM, costs, human resources, etc?
The benefits for our clients is to improve the supply chain and to control maquila processes more effectively, so this means better delivery to customers and improved operational performance.
Now, Hannah, why is it important? What does it mean for the near future?
Everything is turning to Hanna so the information will be more agile, so the process should be optimized to get real time information, better business scenarios for decision making.
How do you increase sales covering other industry like fashion?
Specialization gives you competitive advantage and located in a business segment, we currently supported wax 10% of annual turnover, however we expect that figure to rise annually.
Some additional comments ...
Uno de los principales diferenciadores de esta solución es la capacidad de adaptación y crecimiento constante de la misma acorde a las necesidades de la industria.
¿Cómo va a recomendar la solución de AFS para SAP Business One?
We highly recommend the solution as well as response times and support from the manufacturer.
What is the biggest reason that you would recommend ?
Constant innovation and incorporation of functionality needed for a changing industry.
How is the relationship with SSP VAR Argentis Consulting?
With Argentis we have been working more than 5 years in different segments and have always received support and support needed to position and live out projects with special needs of industry.