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Provide scalable systems for fashion apparel companies who desire the highest standards of software.



Way more than a Matrix: A realistic point of discussion”

Interview with Anita Christofferson* the founder of  digad solutions, about the Apparel and Footwear Qualified Solution For SAP B1.

Let’s start with your experience with “Apparel and Footwear Qualified solution for SAPB1”…

-SAP B1 has the most native features that allow a company to expand into global markets and bring more operations in house. SAP B1 has strong inventory and warehouse capabilities but needed a size, color, style matrix.  Our development was comfortable extending the solution to meet the matrix requirements but our competitors were talking a better language.  Or so we thought….  Apparel and Footwear qualified solution for SB1, shows us that the industry needs way more than an inventory matrix!  We learned how to address the needs of the creative designers and since many brand owners/founders were the original designer, we now had a realistic starting point of discussion.  The solution also offered controls to manage the costs of pre-orders before making factory commitments.  This wasn’t possible without industry specific PLM and PDM offered by AFS.

What did the apparel and footwear qualified solution bring to the companies who acquired SAP and AFS solution?  

A better decision-making process.  Integration of retail operations directly to the supply chain is huge.  Not only can the same system process a POS, ecommerce or wholesale order – but it also handles the warehouse and GS1 needs for total control of a global operation. SAP B1 is a platform that is intended to grow with a smaller company however; it can easily appear to be too much when the demonstration isn’t industry specific.  Because AFS understands the industry, it can be offered in a minimal form of consumption and the depth of  SAP B1 can be extended over time.

-What specific problems has the SAP+AFS solution addressed that other industry solutions did not?

Well it’s easy to use, install, and learn. Economic, mobile, adaptable, supported by a global company such as SAP.  Several non-SAP competitors have a reputable workflow to offer a fashion apparel company however, SAP B1 has the most native features that allow a company to expand into global markets and bring more operations in house (i.e. meets the language, regulation and multi-currency requirements of over 60 countries.  Also has strong warehouse capabilities without requiring an add on).

Why is the compatibility with SAP so important to a global scenario?

-The apparel and footwear business is global.  Both the consumers and production locations are in places that most other ERP will not and cannot go.

In your opinion why is it important to be on Hana? What does it mean for the near future?

-It’s a focus on data management, which allows companies to grow and become very large without suffering performance issues expected of a middle-market product. 

Anita Christoferson -  Argentis*Anita Christofferson has a passion for extending the ERP solution within specific verticals. While selling Dynamics, NetSuite and SAP Business One her managers had the same frustration; “why can’t you just sell the basic offering and leave the other stuff for a later time?” Whenever presented with an ERP presales engagement, she fights to get the prospect out of the cost center and focused on real returns. As a result, she pioneered solutions that required deep subject matter expertise and integrated them to “something digital”.    




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