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Van Heusen

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Van Heusen -  Argentis

Kattan Group: Growing Van Heusen from Small to Extra Large with the SAP® Business One Application


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From T-shirts and sweats to the finest in haute couture, Jacobo D. Kattan, Kattan Group's commercial division, manufactures and exports garments to a wide customer base across the Americas and Europe, including under its most popular licensed label, Van Heusen. But fashion is a cutthroat industry, making it crucial for Jacobo D. Kattan to anticipate tomorrow's trends before they are yesterday’s news.

With the SAP® Business One application and the Apparel and Footwear solution from Argentis, Jacobo D. Kattan is able to better manage operations and inventory for Van Heusen. Automated processes are easing administrative workload, and centralized data and real-time analytics are helping the sales team better plan for consumer demand. Plus, as the brand grows, the system grows with it, ensuring that Van Heusen can go from small to extra large in financial comfort without feeling stretched.